April 26, 2012

About us

AppMarshal is the creation of Ben Dux and Phil Lee.

In 2009, we started providing strategy consulting services to guide companies in their transition into the digital and social media landscape.  Having worked with a number of national and international retail clients, we experienced the common challenges many brands were facing with their online marketing efforts.

In 2012, we launched our Social Marshal application platform, allowing multi-site retail brands to grow their Facebook impact by sending targeted messages to their Facebook subscribers to activate localised promotions, without requiring local store Pages. By using Social Marshal brands have been able to reach more people and their friends on Facebook, typically achieving impressions 40x the number of messages posted to subscribers, with over 85% of these impressions coming from delivery to their friends.

In 2017, we released the AppMarshal platform solution to easily manage and bring to life native mobile applications. As a managed platform, we aim to reduce the costs, time and complexities for clients, so they can focus their efforts on leveraging their App to nurture long-lasting relationships with their most valuable customers.

AppMarshal is part of Marshal Pty Ltd, an Australian based company with global ambitions to deliver smarter solutions for brands, agencies and marketers to drive real business outcomes leveraging digital platforms.

If there is something you think we may be able to help you with, then make sure you get in touch.