AppMarshal is the smarter way to create and manage your mobile app

Start nurturing long-lasting relationships with your most valuable customers.

Deliver a greater customer experience, for less

We can help you to create a smarter mobile app in less time and for less money. As a managed platform solution, we reduce the costs, time and risks inherent in mobile app projects and can get you into market faster. You get your own custom designed mobile app, powered by AppMarshal's robust platform providing enhanced control over your iOS and Android app, enabling you to drive customer engagement, loyalty and revenue for a better return.
Customer Engagement

Bring all your brand assets into one mobile experience so you can easily reach and connect with your customers to nurture long-lasting relationships.

Data Insights

Gather insights into your customers’ preferences and how they respond to your promotional activity to create new marketing opportunity moments.

Loyalty Activation

Instantly create mobile loyalty campaigns, competitions and offers and send targeted notifications to different customers to drive response.

Our Platform

AppMarshal is the smarter way to create and manage your mobile app. Get a rich list of in-built features providing flexibility and control over the content on your app. You can also easily execute a range of marketing activities to instantly engage your customers - run mobile offers and competitions, encourage social sharing, grow your customer data and send segmented push-notifications to your customers.

Who we work with

Retailers can directly target customers based on their preferences to keep them engaged and drive them in-store.
Franchisors can readily create targeted local area campaigns to support franchise outlets, while maintaining centralised control.
Agencies can easily manage client mobile apps while also providing them with ongoing content and campaign support.

Nurture long-lasting relationships with your customers, keep them engaged and drive incremental sales.

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